Choosing an assisted living facility can be a bit overwhelming for families, which is why we want to provide the utmost truth about what assisted living really is.

1. Your loved one will still have privacy and independence.

Privacy and independence are both equally as important when it comes to quality of your loved ones life. Both of these luxuries will be preserved when you choose the correct assisted living facility. Our cottages provide secure, private, high quality single-floor living. Each resident has their own secure room to relax and enjoy time to oneself.

2. Our staff cares as much as your family.

Our 24-hour staff is committed to providing the maximum safety and security for your loved one. Our facility aims to eliminate the worry that can easily arise from families that are shopping the assisted living facility market. Here at Palm Cottages, we are known to be the “bed and breakfast” of Central Florida’s assisted living community, and we couldn’t be any happier about that!

3. Your loved one can still partake in their favorite activities.

As unusual as this sounds, when in community living, our seniors tend to be more active and energy filled than they used to be while living alone. Our facility caters to the wants and needs of our residents. For example, one of our residents, Lou, has been a boxer his entire life and wanted to continue enjoying the vigorous sport. So, in order to maximize his quality of life, we hung a speed bag right outside of Lou’s cottage. He trains weekly! This goes to show that Palm Cottages will fight for your loved one to continue living his or her passions.