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When to move to an assisted living facility?


The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) reveals over 835,000 Americans reside in assisted living facilities today. Assisted living is an ideal option for older persons who need help with daily activities such as medication management, keeping house, cooking, going to the bathroom, and keeping appointments. These facilities provide the safety and security of [...]

When to move to an assisted living facility?2023-01-12T09:51:04-05:00

Do Assisted Living Facilities Enhance Quality of Life?


Putting a loved one into an assisted living facility can be a very difficult decision. Oftentimes, the events leading up to the decision can be accompanied by tremendous difficulty, stress, anxiety, and other hardships that are unique to the individual, their family, friends, and support system. In many ways, it may seem that in doing [...]

Do Assisted Living Facilities Enhance Quality of Life?2021-10-12T11:03:31-04:00

Assisted Living Facility Vs Retirement Home


What's the Difference Between An Assisted Living Facility and a Retirement Home? What's the Difference Between An Assisted Living Facility and a Retirement Home? While the two terms are often used interchangeably, there's a big difference between assisted living facilities and retirement homes. Here at Palm Cottages, we can understand the confusion. They both [...]

Assisted Living Facility Vs Retirement Home2021-07-29T13:57:18-04:00

What Is An ECC License?


Extended Congregate Care License An assisted living facility (ALF) is a group residential establishment designed to provide personal care services in the “least restrictive and most home-like environment” that can be safely allowed. These personal services include activities of daily living and the self-administration of medication, and are provided with the goal of allowing [...]

What Is An ECC License?2021-11-05T13:27:16-04:00

Mother’s Day Celebration at Palm Cottages


It’s no surprise our Mother’s Day event shared a similar theme with many of the other events we facilitate here at Palm Cottages. As usual, we laughed, we dined, and we celebrated quality time spent together. Our in-house chefs had a great time preparing delicious meals for all our resident mothers, and their families who [...]

Mother’s Day Celebration at Palm Cottages2021-01-28T16:03:03-05:00

Personalized Care at Palm Cottages


Palm Cottages gets personal. When it comes to your loved one, we love to get all the background information that we can. This allows us to create a custom care plan that tends to all of our residents' needs. Whether it's a specific medicine routine, or just their favorite hobbies, be sure to inform us [...]

Personalized Care at Palm Cottages2021-01-28T16:03:49-05:00

Our Assisted Living Facility Events


At Palm Cottages, we don't like to do the same old boring routine every day. We like to put some flavor into our residents' lives by hosting several fun-filled events. Whether its an in-house event or something a bit more adventurous in the community, we ensure to make memories on a consistent basis. We host [...]

Our Assisted Living Facility Events2017-06-29T11:22:57-04:00

The Truth About Assisted Living


Choosing an assisted living facility can be a bit overwhelming for families, which is why we want to provide the utmost truth about what assisted living really is. 1. Your loved one will still have privacy and independence. Privacy and independence are both equally as important when it comes to quality of your loved ones [...]

The Truth About Assisted Living2017-07-11T17:57:14-04:00

What is Memory Care?


Memory impairments can put a strain on families and we understand this. At Palm Cottages, our memory care team provides care for your loved one in a secure setting. We put full trust in our highly-experienced team of memory care professionals. Dementia comes in several forms. One of the most common cases we treat is [...]

What is Memory Care?2017-07-11T18:07:46-04:00
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