Ways to Help Your Aging Loved One Stay Happy, Healthy and Active

As we age, it often becomes difficult to stay active, both physically and socially. But it’s essential. Engaging in different activities is essential to help elderly loved ones meet their physical, mental and social needs.

While assisted living facilities like Palm Cottages offer a full schedule of activities, your loved one can still stay active and participate in different things to help them meet their various needs.

assisted living activity (board game night -- connect 4)

For Social Needs:

Participate in Movie Nights

Grab the popcorn, your favorite movies and some friends. Some up a movie night and discuss afterward.

Host Board Game Evenings

Games like chess, checkers, and Scrabble to encourage strategic thinking and social interaction.

Join in Community Service Projects

Engaging in simple and meaningful projects not only can offer you a chance to spend time with people and become a part of your community, but also provide a sense of meaning and purpose that can leave you with a warm feeling.

For Physical Needs:

Take Walks Around the Neighborhood

This is one of the easiest ways to get you out and moving. Whether walking by yourself or with a friend, it’s an easy way to stay active.

Exercise with Chair Yoga

Gentle yoga poses that can be done while seated to improve flexibility and muscle strength.

Sign Up for Water Aerobics Classes

Gentle on joints, this low-impact exercise method helps those with mobility issues or arthritis. Being part of a class also offers a chance to build or maintain social connections.

For General Wellness and Relaxation:

Try Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

Guided sessions to promote mental health and stress reduction. Meditate easily anywhere and at any time. It’s easy to find a video on YouTube that walks you through a meditation session that fits within the time you have available.

Use Pet Therapy

Visits from therapy animals to provide comfort and joy.

Give Yourself a Spa Day

Offering manicures, pedicures, and massages to promote relaxation and self-care. Whether you go to a professional spa or take an afternoon to pamper yourself, you’ll feel more relaxed.

Help Your Aging Loved One Stay Active

Schedule some activities to help your elderly loved one stay active and meet their various needs. Do it at home, or find a community to help care for your loved one and to help you. Consider an assisted living facility like the one at Palm Cottages.

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