TIP #1: Pay attention to what you smell

Are tables and desks wiped down well? Is there dust in the air? Be sure you observe areas that aren’t so easy to see. Speak with a staff member and find out how vigorous the house keeping services are.  Aim to get proper information on the specific maintenance schedule. Inquire about all laundry processes.

Palm Cottages maintains an exquisite level of cleanliness, successfully labeling us as the “Bed and Breakfast” of Central Florida’s assisted living community.

TIP #2: Visit during an activity

We recommend scheduling a tour during an ongoing assisted facility event. Keep a take a look at the calendar and the events labeled on it. Pick one and take a tour with your loved one on the day of the selected event. Are any of the events off-site?

Here at Palm Cottages, residents are able to attend field trips per request. Recently, our residents were able to attend a Yankees game here in Florida. There was a whole bunch of excitement in our van, but after all the clapping, energy expenditure, and cheering during the game…let’s just say it was a quiet ride back to Palm Cottages, where our fun-filled residents would get a good night’s rest.

TIP #3: Is the staff friendly? Patient? Receptive?

Be sure to engage in conversation with a handful of staff members and understand the nature in which they communicate with residents. Manners and class are signs of a quality staff.

Palm Cottage is lucky to say that our staff members engage with our residents regularly. Whether it involves pouring a resident a beverage during one of our weekly happy hours or holding the door in the morning, our staff is always receptive and available, with love.

TIP #5: Eat a meal at the property

Arrange having a meal with your loved one at the facility. Are the meals home-cooked? Are you pleased with the cooking processes? These are all important things to take into consideration when choosing an assisted living facility that works for you and your loved one.

Palm Cottages is sure to feed our residents three times daily, utilizing our in-house chefs. We cook delicious meals such as shrimp and pasta, or perhaps some curry chicken with a side of vegetables.

TIP #6: Observe security systems

On-site security and technology is crucial when it comes to selecting an assisted living facility. This is especially true when it comes to memory care. Speak with staff and find out how often, if ever, residents have wandered off premises. Safety and security is a must.

At Palm Cottages we have top of the line locking mechanisms and monitoring. This allows us to ensure our residents’ families that their loved ones are safe and secure when choosing our facility.