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Personalized Care at Palm Cottages


Palm Cottages gets personal. When it comes to your loved one, we love to get all the background information that we can. This allows us to create a custom care plan that tends to all of our residents' needs. Whether it's a specific medicine routine, or just their favorite hobbies, be sure to inform us [...]

Personalized Care at Palm Cottages2021-01-28T16:03:49-05:00

The Truth About Assisted Living


Choosing an assisted living facility can be a bit overwhelming for families, which is why we want to provide the utmost truth about what assisted living really is. 1. Your loved one will still have privacy and independence. Privacy and independence are both equally as important when it comes to quality of your loved ones [...]

The Truth About Assisted Living2017-07-11T17:57:14-04:00
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