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Finding Senior Care for Your Loved One

If you are in the Palm Shores area and looking for a senior care facility, rely on the unique Palm Cottages facility. As the name suggests, we comprise a network of cottage-style housing specifically designed to be inviting, quaint and relaxing. Unlike traditional brick facilities, our cottages feel more homey, community-oriented and enjoyable to be at. Our elder care facility quickly becomes home to your loved one.

Our facility offers:

  • We offer a number of activities and programs every day for residents to participate in, allowing them to be social and active frequently

  • Experienced and specialized care is provided by a highly trained resident staff

  • Specialized memory care cottages are available for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia

senior care residents enjoying themselves
elderly male resident sitting outside on a bench reading

Our Senior Care Facility Promotes Happy Aging

One of the most difficult things is having to place a loved one in a senior care facility. Many times, the resident doesn’t want to go, and there is a lot of stress, anxiety, and possibly even sadness involved. Not just for the resident going in, but for those who are close or who help take care of the individual. However, Palm Cottages is different. We truly have a wonderful community of caring staff and residents who lift each other up. 

In addition to our very inviting housing, we provide plenty of activities for our residents to engage in. We want to be a senior care facility that people can thrive and grow. Take a look at our gallery or our video. You will see nothing but smiling faces from individuals who want to continue to make the most of life. You can also find an events calendar that shows different activities our residents can participate in each day.

In no time, your aging loved one will feel at home at Palm Cottages.

Contact Us Today

Our senior housing is a short drive away from Palm Shores, FL. We encourage you to schedule a tour of our facility as you look for a home for your loved one and give us a call to discuss our senior care facility further. Determine if it’s the right fit for your loved one.


Hear What Our Residents Have to Say!

“This place is the best. The care is outstanding, the food is good, it is a great environment.”

Betty H.

“Activities offered seven days a week!!!! I’m never bored.”

Christilee S.

“The staff is so caring. They, and the other residents, are like family.”

Robert R.