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When a loved one is going through memory loss through either Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be an extremely difficult thing to witness. As hard as it is to watch, the affected person is going through much worse, making life extremely difficult. As great as it is for the affected person to be cared for by loved ones, there comes a point where it becomes too challenging. Whether it is due to time, resources, money, or something else, you may not be able to provide the necessary level of care. 

Palm Cottages is your solution. We are an assisted living facility with specific homes dedicated to providing memory care services. For our residents that require memory care, we provide them with all the usual benefits and amenities that our non-memory care residents receive, with the added benefit of memory care treatment.

  • Throughout the day, our residents are encouraged to participate in activities with the community.

  • Our resident care staff has completed the necessary training to provide the absolute best and highest of quality care to our residents. This allows us to specialize in memory care services for our patients.

  • For the well-being of our residents, our cottages are connected by a courtyard to promote a social atmosphere in the community and so our residents can get outside and get fresh air.

Palm Cottages - About Us

Our memory care services are especially beneficial for the residents looking for treatment for Alzheimer’s or dementia. Again, these are very difficult diseases to watch a loved one go through, but Palm Cottages has full-service memory care treatment for our residents. We encourage you to call us and discuss how we can help your loved one excel in their life and make the most of their time at our assisted living facility.

Our assisted living facility is a short drive away from Cape Canaveral. This is great because it gives you plenty of chances to come visit your loved one. This is extremely important because part of the well-being of residents in an assisted living facility depends on social situations. We give our residents plenty of socializing opportunities, but it always helps if they can take visits from friends and family. Our memory care residents have an equal opportunity for socializing as well. Their cottages are connected by a safe and secure courtyard. Giving them plenty of opportunity for fresh air, vitamin D, and outdoor socializing.

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Hear What Our Residents Have to Say!

“This place is the best. The care is outstanding, the food is good, it is a great environment.”

Betty H.

“Activities offered seven days a week!!!! I’m never bored.”

Christilee S.

“The staff is so caring. They, and the other residents, are like family.”

Robert R.