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Alzheimer’s Care for Assisted Living Residents

Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible condition that affects the person with it and many people around them. Unfortunately, this condition causes a tremendous amount of stress for everyone involved and requires caregivers to exhaust a lot of their time and money. Specialized care for your loved one is often the best option to give them the highest quality of life available.

The transition can be scary, but here at Palm Cottages, our Alzheimer’s care facility that is different from the rest. Proudly welcoming our neighbors in the Cocoa Beach, FL, community, our assisted living facility is a full service Alzheimer’s care home where our residents get the benefit of our wonderful community, cottage-style housing and caring staff while being treated with specialized programs designed to treat Alzheimer’s and improve resident’s quality of life.

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Scheduled Care

One of the biggest benefits of relying on our Alzheimer’s care facility is our medication schedule. This is very important for our residents as we can ensure they get the proper medication, in the correct amount, at the correct time. This is also applied to our meal schedules to make sure our residents are not overeating or aren’t eating at all. These may sound like simple tasks, but from the nature of Alzheimer’s, remembering to do simple tasks correctly ends up faltering and the effects can take a toll when this occurs day after day, which is sometimes the case.


Our Alzheimer’s patients have their own cottages that are joined by a courtyard, so they can have access to the outdoors in a safe, controlled environment. Outdoor time is important and valuable to us. This is not always achievable at other large, U-shaped, brick building facilities. But Palm Cottages is unique. Our housing is quaint, inviting, relaxing and fun. We make sure to have plenty to do, offering activities, family-style dinners and much more. We have a calendar of events, so you can see what your loved one will be participating in each day, each week and each month.

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elderly female resident participating in activity
  • Residents are encouraged to participate in activities and programs throughout the day

  • Care staff have completed comprehensive training in order to provide the specialized care and services that our residents benefit from

  • Memory care cottages are connected by a courtyard area, which allows our residents the freedom to safely take outdoor strolls

  • ECC licensed facility

  • Delicious, chef prepared meals multiple times a day

  • Personalized Alzheimer’s treatment services

  • Monthly calendar of planned activities for residents to participate in

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If you are in the Cocoa Beach, FL, area looking for an Alzheimer’s care facility; we are not far. With a short 10-15 minute drive, you can come tour our cottages and see our wonderful community for yourself. We have a saying here: happy aging is our agenda. We do all we can to make this a reality for your loved one. Call us today and discuss your needs with us!

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Hear What Our Residents Have to Say!

“This place is the best. The care is outstanding, the food is good, it is a great environment.”

Betty H.

“Activities offered seven days a week!!!! I’m never bored.”

Christilee S.

“The staff is so caring. They, and the other residents, are like family.”

Robert R.